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Charles Lame
Giro 2013 - the ASP.NET Project
23 Days - 2,116 Miles - ASP.NET with SQL Server
The 2013 Giro D'Italia
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Hi everyone, Charles Lame here. Once again, and as usual, inspired by my daughter's relentlous drive to create and my wife's unwaivering optimism about the possibility for a better life, I'm once again embarking on a grand tour programming poject. The project has three personal motives for me, (1) to allow me to continue to build ASP.NET skills (and utilize SQL Server), (2) to bring my personal efforts into perspective by placing them on a demanding time schedule that will certainly be over before I can accomplish all I want to, and (3) to have a professional communication platform. This project will be placed in the context of the 2013 Giro D'Italia. My ambition is to code and deploy a new piece each day. I had a similar project last year for the Tour de France, but last year I was using PHP - this year I have moved to Windows and ASP.NET.

I learned a lot last year, but one of the more important things I learned was that I still love Microsoft products. I enjoyed PHP, but the productivity that Microsoft gives me in a development environment has once again amazed me. The integration of Visual Studio, IIS, and SQL Server just humbles me. Over the years I have constantly encountered Microsoft bashers, and I've done some myself and will again (SSIS, SSRS, don't get me started). But I always come back, and when I do I always learn more and better ways to work.

So, it's time to get this project going. And remember
Good software helps you go home on time.

With respect for and thanks to:
My wife, my daughter, my mother, and the rest of my family,
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
and the staff and students at SIUe
the university that ends with my favorite number,
Especially Cheryl Brunsman and The Office of Educational Outreach and
Dr. Douglas Bock, Dr. Bijoy Bordoloi, and Dr. Mark McKinney.