Welcome to lameframes 2014

The staff of lameframes.com - me - has now been working in Arthur, Il for about nine months - mostly VB.NET and T-SQL. Arthur seems to be the cultural center of the Amish in Illinois. The Amish are a sizable minority in the area and seem to be a pretty major part of the local economy. The Amish seem to not have cars, and so there is a lot of horse and buggy traffic, and there is a lot of bicycle traffic (within the context of being a rural community of somewhere over 2,000 residents). For the first eight months I commuted from Charleston, IL - about 35 miles each way, but I became very tired of that drive and have moved into Arthur. This has been wonderful so far. The people are quiet and not intrusive, prices are pretty reasonable, and now I can easily ride my bike to work and home for lunch. I am happy with this arrangement.

A few pages from the past

In 2012 and 2013 I did a bit of work on my own with PHP and VB.NET along with some associated things like databases and stylesheets. Here is a link to some old work I did in VB.NET.

Some work during the 2013 Giro

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clame - How in the world am I going to learn all this web stuff.

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